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TooBee Studio is the headquarter for London based Artist/Director/Musician Riccardo Rizzo. It is a multidisciplinary creative boutique: mixed media and experimentation are at the core of it. The main areas of expertise are: art/creative direction, film, motion design & graphics, 3d animation, photography, sound design, music and original soundtrack (OST). It’s also a production house for Riccardo’s artistic creations (mainly short films, music and photography). Besides some unusual collaboration the TooBee creative boutique is mainly focused in the advertising and art fields. From the creative brief & pitch with the client to the idea, from the creative direction to the execution, the final creation is modelled and finalised for web, tv, cinema and art installations.




Riccardo Rizzo moves between sonic and film-o-graphic explorations, giving a cinematic representation to his imagination. His artistic quest focuses on the relations between mankind and Earth, the elusive mysteries of Existence, the fragility of Inspiration, the journeys of the Mind, the Dreamlike States.  Atmosphere is always a key: the aim is to “trespass” into other obscure, emotional and cognitive dimensions; beyond the gates, for those places inside of us, that we so rarely visit.

With Words, Sounds, Images and Experimentation he gives life to abstract and conceptual worlds , encrusted with layered meanings and symbolism. Overseeing every facet of his work personally, he likes to imagine himself as an ‘old modern craftsman’, in his own workshop, lost between creations and dreams. Born in Italy, he currently lives & creates between”grey”ter London and his colourful country.

 His dj background leads him often to create experimental mixsets in which he blends music & sounds into an always different journey. The material can be any inspiring source. You can listen to some in the mixtapes section. He composes music and designs sound under his real name or under his alias synthetique. Moody-sign has been the audio visual seed: moody-sign.com


“Darkness stained with colours
where ancient lost souls,
gothic drones
and impossible futures
melt into the yonder,
to overcome a reality
always different
the fog of my eerie states,
the lightness of my deepest hopes”